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    The history of eLearning.
    The term “eLearning” has only been in existence since 1999 when the word was first utilized at a CBT system's seminar. CBT program means 'computer-based training program'.

    Other words also began to spring up in search of an accurate description such as “online learning” and “virtual learning”. However, the principles behind eLearning have been well documented throughout history, and there is even evidence which suggests that early forms of blended learning existed as far back as the 19th century.

    The first online learning systems were really only set up to deliver information to students but as we entered the 70s online learning started to become more interactive. In Britain, the Open University was keen to take advantage of e-learning. Their system of education has always been primarily focused on learning at a distance. In the past, course materials were delivered by post and correspondence with tutors was via mail. With the internet, the Open University began to offer a wider range of interactive educational experiences as well as faster correspondence with students via email etc.

    After reading the paragraph You will be able to learn these questions:

    1. What is blended learning?
    2. Why is blended learning important?
    3. What is the blended learning platform?
    4. What are the advantages of blended learning?
    5. What are the benefits of blended learning?

    There are many advantages of Blended Learning (Physical Learning +Virtual Learning). We can learn anything from our classroom and home with the help of the internet, mobile, and computer. One of the major benefits of the Blended Learning System (BLS) is that it keeps pace with the ages. One of the most interesting things about Blended Learning is that I don’t have to be in the classroom to attend classes. The importance of this is increasing day by day. We should also take the benefits of Blended Learning seriously.